Product features

It's where it all starts. Dashboard unites information across all the system in the form of figures and charts.

Visualisation of all critical metrics with insight into the performance, outlook and interconnectivity of business processes.
Offer high-quality support by using an optimized help desk system. Add multiple comments and attach files to every single issue. Assign tickets to multiple users with different roles.

Track ticket backlog, label cases as “urgent” to draw support teams’ attention and boost up customer loyalty.

You will deliver better service experience to your customers with an intuitive issue tracker. A customer does not have to be logged into the help desk application to view or track a ticket. You can keep them up-to-date on the status of the tickets by email.
Our intuitive calendar is an excellent tool to keep you organized. You can create, share, and monitor events.

The calendar is the easiest way to track and share any upcoming team and client events. Use the color tags for convenient tracking of the status of your work.

This amazing calendar will help you schedule events or meetings while giving out reminders when there are upcoming events, meetings, or other important activities.
Do more in less time by improving the sales process.

Keep your team focused on all your valuable deals and leads without having to concentrate on discouraging administrative tasks. Make calls, schedule meetings and events, and view the history of your deals without logging everything in by hand. The best part is that everything is in one place!

You can generate leads and opportunities, create quotes and convert them into sales orders.

Store numerous contracts, emails, and phone numbers for each customer.

Manage your sales, convert leads into steadfast customers, and so much more in a few simple clicks.

Create effective after-sales follow-ups to boost your revenue.
Store information about all your leads. Everything will be in one, organized place. All your important information will be sorted and tagged for you to view every day to keep track of your work.

Add contact information, company information, change status, create and send proposals. You can easily track all your assignments through every stage. Leads will help make your undertakings more transparent for an increase in productivity.

Turn leads into clients, add contracts in one easy-to-use environment.
View your activities and projects in real-time. You can view your projects’ schedules and make adjustments so your team will remain on track. Keep track of all your project deadlines.

You can modify your Gantt chart with specific configurations to highlight tasks or projects and show their status levels in different colors. Easily view additional data for various assignments or phases of a project and how they relate to each other or how each task has progressed, and the assets being allocated for each.

Project managers can easily link between two activities or between an activity and a milestone within a project and then view them. They can also quickly reset or change deadlines and add subtasks within a matter of seconds.
Manage the unlimited amount of your projects seamlessly when using our Projects module. Assign out tasks, control the progress of your team at every stage of the project, set up milestones and meet the deadlines. The important metrics such as the project progression are auto-calculated. Collaboration with the team members, sending the invoices to your clients and receiving their immediate feedback has never been this simple!
Keep your sales process organized with this easy-to-use tool. Here you can track contracts, accept sales orders, draft sales invoices with proper taxation, manage payments, analyze inquiries, and so on.
Track activities, manage payroll, attendance, and working issues. Keep track of your employees’ working hours, their breaks, and overtime.

View all important information for every department at a glance. Prevent prying eyes from accessing sensitive information with the exception of HR managers, and also decide which information should be made public for all employees within the employee directory. Receive alerts for any new requests for leave, allocation requests, appraisals, applications, and other categories involving HR.

You can keep track of employee hours worked or sort by projects, clients, or other business tasks. You can easily access statistics to record or analyze timesheets and check each employee’s attendance.
Communicate with your clients and team members via the user-friendly chat and messaging tool. The Messages module allows to create different conversations for each topic, see the online status of your clients, get direct access to their feedback and make the overall process of project management effortless and effective.
Knowledge Base
Your support teams know more about customer issues and how to solve them than anyone else. Tap on their expertise and experience and make this information available to your customers.

Reduce ticket load by creating FAQs and help articles. Let your agents update content they can offer to your customers.

This will not only expand your knowledge base but allow your customers to find the answers they are looking for without having to wait on an agent.
The Reports module is financial reporting made easy. Track the money income and outcome pertaining to a project, a team, or each team member, using the detailed and easy-to-view timesheets.
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